Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shram Dhan

Sanitary Rounds - Medical officer I/C and other officials going in around the hospital with the responsible persons for its sanitation is the regular feature of the Hospital on every Fridays.

When we were looking around the back side of the In -Patients area, where nobody else will like look at it except us, (because of that much dirty) suddenly we thought of motivating our own staff to render their voluntary labour in cleaning the area.

With the short notice of informing only in the morning, most o the staff willingly assembled in the site at 2:30 pm and started cleaning the area. Mr. Moses, the well wisher volunteered to sponsor 4 spades to the Hospital and he also joined us in the Shram Dhan.

Around 4:30 pm, after having Biscuits and nice Black Tea by Esther Amma, we all were once again boosted up to continue the good work till 6 pm.

The enthusiasm and the involvement of the staff are much appreciable.

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